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Aristotle Georgio is an accomplished blues harp player, and seasoned veteran of the road. He has been named 'the best of the west' by several people in the business. He grew up in New Orleans, and has extensive experience playing live and on-stage, including with the following world-renowned artists; B.B. King, Bo Diddley, the Allman Brothers, Lynn Anderson, Delbert Mc Clinton, Mick Taylor, Govt. Mule, Jimmy Thackery, Earl Thomas, Robin Henkel, and many more.

Besides playing with some of the best, Aristotle also has extensive studio recording exprience, adding his raw, deep hearted, heart wrenching harp sound. His sultry, gravelly lead vocals can be heard on many radio commercials as well.

Aristotle is available for auditioning for both long term touring as well as one time guest appearances, he can be reached at